High School

Our goal is to promote the academic development, spiritual and social commitment of young people, in a healthy environment, to deal with their life stages in this changing Mexico being critical, reflective and prayerful.

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Our graduate students are distinguished in public and private universities, for having generic, disciplinary and professional skills, for working as a team, their leadership and participation in activities on behalf of others with fewer opportunities.

Schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

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EMS-3/39 CCT 11PBH3039D

Academic excellence is supported by the guidelines of the High School General Direction.

Members of the ANEPPI, (National Association of Private High School) incorporated to the SEP.

We have certified teachers in Higher Education by the ANUIES.

Additional to the Spanish language we study Italian and English as training for work.

We promote High School exchanges between the Theresians Collages of Mexico (north area), for a period where students can live the experience of a new home with a host family, in which they will be in contact with new customs and traditions.

We have:

  • Laboratories of chemistry, physics, biology, and informatics
  • Extra academic: Free tutorial support for the subjects of math, physics, chemistry, Italian, English and language-communication
  • Activities that promote the integral formation and the interpersonal relationships between the members of the section
  • Presentations and gastronomical sample in Italian
  • Works presentations in English
  • Samples of theater, drawing, music and dance
  • Science fair
  • Welcome to high school and last minute for the graduates
  • Strengthening experiences of the English language in England and New York City
  • Cultural trips to different destinations in our country
  • Interdisciplinary day

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We have agreements with the Universidad Iberoamericana campus León, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Escuela Comercial Bancaria, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and Universidad del Valle de México.