Theresian Pastoral


The purpose of the Department is to enliven the experience of faith in the educational community to make our life a reflection of an inner inhabited by God and committed to the project of Jesus in our lives.
The proposal is from our Theresian spirituality, to feel the invitation to walk on the paths of Santa Teresa de Jesus and San Enrique de Ossó, which lead us from prayer to the action, as well as action to the prayer.

Quarter of an hour of prayer Essential moment of all Theresian that favors come into contact with God who lives in us and launches us to commitment.

The Good News In our Theresian proposal of catechesis, lead the students in their specific situation to want to live in a committed life in the project of God through their personal and community encounter with Jesus.

Encounters A space of interiority and coexistence lived out in a group, which favors the encounter with God, with oneself and with others, reinforcing the Theresian identity. It is an experience that leaves a deep feeling in its process of faith.

Sacraments We lived the experience of the sacraments of Confirmation, Penance and Eucharist as a Community where students and parents are in a formation process, creating awareness of what is involved in the sacramental experience; "God comes to the encounter to transform us".

Liturgical Life and Celebrations We promote the experience from the Gospel, the liturgical seasons and feast that strengthen our identity.

Permanent formation "Can't give what you don't have". Permanently promote spaces for the human religious formation and the social commitment of the institution staff.

Apostolic visits From the experience of faith arises the commitment to be a tangible sign of God's mercy to those in need. During these visits, we get in touch with the reality and we respond with concrete actions which contribute in small measure to transform the reality to be more in line with the project of God.

Fraternity campaign Form the consciousness of the social commitment to our educational community through the work to obtain economic resources that support projects of Theresian centers and other institutions dedicated to the promotion of education, evangelization, or the charity among vulnerable groups.

Time to give Is an activity performed by the educational community to create actions where we can live the solidarity. The project consists in working on behalf of an institution, motivated by the Department and Section. Collection and delivery of the items collected are made in collaborative work.

Social service The high school students live an experience that allows them to raise awareness about different situations that exist in our city to increase their commitment towards the less favored, this is achieved through the relationship with various institutions.

Missions It is an experience that allows the youth to share celebrations with the people of God that remind us the death and resurrection of Jesus, favoring an encounter with God through prayer and the contact with the common people, that inspires to strengthen their faith and their commitment to building a more just and more humane country.

Permanent ecological campaign Promote actions that encourage prevention and care for the environment to recognize the ethical dimension by the respect of life and a spiritual dimension that is characterized by a catchment holistic reality with more kindness, compassion, cooperation and solidarity among human beings and the Earth, considering the existence of those rhythms and relationships that weave to living beings. The actions carried out in the educational community are through the collection of plastics, wrappers (project Terracycle), separation of paper, reforestation, care of water and resources.

Campaigns for disaster events Sensitized and perform specific actions bind us to the educational community to show our solidarity in the event of disasters and support to the devastated places. The Society of Students of Jassá Institute answers with concrete actions of common growth, teamwork and responsibility to the proposals from students, being their voice to the college authorities by putting into practice the Theresian values.

Former students We generated spaces to share and rekindle our Theresian spirituality. As former students, we headed to Santa Teresa and San Enrique to strengthen our Theresian charism, recognizing the importance of prayer and commitment with the others.