We are a center that supports and promotes the integral development of students through prevention and research. To achieve this, we work with those involved in the educational process (parents, teachers, and tutors). It is integrated by professionals in education and psychology.

School Orientation

Promote the improvement of the teaching-learning process with the teaching staff through the implementation of strategies that attend on the different learning styles, to assist the development of skills and discipline.

Promotes and disseminates internal and external competitions for students.

Guides and supports the integration and monitoring of our students.

Personal Guidance

Promote the integral development of the students through the prevention of risk behaviors empowering parents and teachers to detect specific cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Family Orientation

Advises parents in the knowledge of their children by providing tools for personal and family development.

Vocational Guidance

Accompanies the process of the students in the knowledge of their interests, skills, abilities and attitudes for the decision on their professional life project.