Our mission


Jassá Institute through education fosters the integral development of the children and young students, training them for life with skills that allow them to humanize, transform and transcend in their social environment by living the Christian-Theresian values to commit themselves in the construction of a more just society.


In 2017 Jassá Institute is positioned in León, Guanajuato as an option of quality education that live and projected the Theresian education proposal on the formation of their students and the educational community. Expresses a social commitment, manage their programs between laity and sisters with professionalism and responds to the needs from the experience of the Theresian values and the constant updating of the staff that integrates it.

Theresian identity

  • The Theresian identity supports the conviction that the realization of the person is to be SUBJECT FOR ENCOUNTER and from there, TRANSFORM THEIR SOCIETY. Citizens able to collaborate in the formation of an intercultural, inclusive and supportive democracies, with an openness to all the worlds. Individuals and groups creators of peace with the experience of finding the love in the relationship with Jesus Christ, though the experience of forgiveness, reconciliation and non-violence, based on the action of the spirit of love and the truth that is manifest in communities that learn, pray and educate.
  • Based on the pedagogical principles of its founder Enrique Ossó, which proposes a style and a values inspired by Teresa de Jesús.



Jassá Institute inherits the name, in honor of a Spanish nun to whom San Enrique de Ossó described as a "Woman of great heart and great head". - Saturnina Jassá and Fontcuberta (March 1851 – October 1936), who is considered one of the founders of the Society of Santa Teresa de Jesús and was enshrined in it as religious.

She lived committed in the service of the Church. She founded the first Theresian College in Mexico, in the city of Puebla in 1888.

She returned to Spain after a few years where she died in the city of Tortosa. Thanks to the projection of its virtues it is in currently in the process of beatification.

Review of the foundation and evolution of Jassá Institute

In 1904 as a request of the, then Bishop of the city, Dr. D. Leopoldo Ruiz Flores were initiated the negotiations to open the first Theresian College in the area of Bajío. The Mother Superior Teresa de Jesús Blanch approved this Foundation and sent the sisters: Elena Hernández, Serafina Galache, Virtues Crespo, Carmen Echeverri, Teresa Tomás, Andrea Fuentes, Lucía Torroja and Antonia Molina. On January 5th, they arrived in León and the 26th of the same month started the school year.

Being as superior the Mother Francisca Pastor, the College was seized by revolutionaries. The house was large and spacious and with an orchard, so it was very coveted by the factious that successively occupied the Square. To avoid danger, the College closed and they spent seasons in private homes.

On January 2nd,1915 taking advantage of the period of apparent calm, they re-opened classes; then the 29th of the same month the Villistas broke in and seized the orchard to established in their headquarter; for three months they were there and although weren’t disrespectful to them, the coexistence was uncomfortable.

On July 9th the Carrancistas arrived, once established the Government, they sent to the Superior a message: "or they provide secular education and follow the rules of the new Government or they must deliver immediately the House and keys to the teacher Eufrasia Pantoja". On September 10th received the ordered of the M. Prov. Conception Barrenechea to go to Mexico to know their new destination.

In 1962, as a request of the students, the sisters returned and founded the Institute Jassá. The first Principal of this College was M. Graciela Ruiz and the religious community that was made up of sisters: Pilar, Angelita, Arminda and Iliana. It began with students of the elementary school and female middle school, private accountant, social work, one year of special English and family education.

Started on a big area in La Martinica, which at that time was almost deserted and was donated by Mr. Alfonso Pons Ponce, they built seven classrooms, where 160 students were enrolled to start the first year.

In 1972 Jassá Institute, A.C., opened its doors in the evening shift in order to service people of middle and high school of the colonies America, San Pedro de los Hernández, Oriental, Manzanares and Los Olivos; that at the end of elementary school hadn’t the economic possibility to continue their studies. With the time, these colonies were evolving and improving their standard of living; students who attended had a better economic position and it came to the conclusion that it was not complying with the foundational goal.

The latest generation of the evening shift in the facilities of the Institute was in the cycle 2009/2010, currently the work continues in the Theresian Community Center located in the colony Libertad, aims to be an alternative model that impacts in the indexes of human development and in the improvement of the living conditions of the community.

The Sisters who initiated the project, were sensitive to the different socio-cultural contexts and circumstances that had made the work of the educator a more demanding task, driven by the values of the Gospel have been successfully promoting a comprehensive education in the person to bring the man to his fullness, offering sense, truth and hope.

With an education of/for freedom and opening avenues of fraternity, it prepares the students to be builders of peace and of the new civilization of love, truth and justice that Jesus Christ brings as a message.

We propose a synthesis between faith, culture and life, in which the knowledge and Christian values generated criteria, Evangelical attitudes and behaviors consistent with them.

With religious education and catechesis according to the guidelines of the Catholic Church; celebrates the community and personal faith, within a framework of respect and freedom.

It stimulates the religious, social and pastoral concerns of the education community and offers answers through Apostolic groups such as MTA youth, friends of Jesus and MTA communities and associations, such as students and parents.

Society of Santa Teresa de Jesús in León, Gto. (1904)


León, Gto. México

House name:

Colegio Teresiano




The street name is ignored


Company of Santa Teresa de Jesús

General Council, which gave permission for the Foundation:

Rev. General Superior Teresa Blanch and her Council.


January 5th, 1904

Mr. Bishop that granted permission:

Mr. Bishop Dr. D. Leopoldo Ruiz

Religious who were members of the community founder:

M. Superior Elena Hernández, M. Serafina Galache, Virtudes Crespo, Carmen Echeverri, Teresa Tomás, Andrea Fuentes, Lucia Torroja and Sister Antonia Molina.

History of the Foundation of Jassá Institute

On October 12th, 1961 arrived to found a College in León, Guanajuato. Sister Mercedes Fernandez and María del Pilar Tielve, sent by the Rev. M. Superior María del Pilar Suárez Inclán.

Mr. Bishop of the diocese, Mr. Dr. Dn. Manuel Martín del Campo y Padilla asked the Foundation as a request of a group of ladies who saw the need for a good College for the intellectual and moral formation of their daughters.

Mr. Adolfo Pons graciously ceded two hectares of land in the colony "La Martinica", for the building of the College and many gentlemen offered donations to contribute to the purchase of school furniture.

Provisionally, the community was settled in a small house while the College was being built. The classes began on February 12th with an enrollment of 180 girls of kindergarten, elementary school and first grade of middle school, but the community didn’t definitely settled in the building that was destined to the convent, until the first days of May. The blessing of the two buildings was carried out on May 17th by Mr. Bishop of León, deign to give the blessing.

As all the works of God and as every Foundation, we have encountered many difficulties of all kinds; but we bless the loving providence of the Lord who thus has agreed and we thank him because otherwise this congregation would not have the authentic stamp of the works of the Lord.

Charter granted to the company of Santa Teresa de Jesús to be situated in León

His Excellency and Rev. Mr. Bishop of León Dr. D. Manuel Martín del Campo:

I am pleased to communicate to Exc. Rev., in response to the request made by Exc. Rev, and some former students of the city of León, to our Rev. M. General during her visit to this province, the past year.

The company of Santa Teresa de Jesús will open a school in that city, in February 1962.

It is building on land located in the colony "La Martinica" donated generously by Messrs. Pons. The official name of the College shall be: "JASSÁ INSTITUTE".

At the moment, only two sisters find themselves in this city temporarily installed in Olympus 201 colony "La Martinica". In a few days, God willing, will arrive the local Superior, M. Graciela Ruiz; and in time the remaining religious that will form the community.

After thanking Exc. Rev. friendly and fatherly welcome which has been granted to our Congregation in his diocese. I implore you to Exc. Rev. deign to grant the above-mentioned community of religious of the Company of Santa Teresa de Jesús license to establish a chapel and have on it the Lord reserved chaplain to celebrate daily a religious mass, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Sundays, public holidays of the Church and of the Institute, some novenas, retreats, etc.; ordinary and extraordinary confessors and as it considers necessary for the spiritual life of nuns and students of the College.

Thank you, I hope to reach the goodness of Exc. Rev, whose life save the Lord many years.

Act of Foundation of the Jassá Institute

On October 12th, 1961, arrived to found this College of Santa Teresa de Jesús, the M. Mercedes Fernández and Maria del Pilar Tielve, sent by the Rev. M. Superior María del Pilar Suárez Inclán, with whom he had arranged the Foundation the first Mr. Bishop of this diocese, Dr. Dn. Manuel Martín del Campo y Padilla, according to the following rules: put an elementary and middle schools, with all courses by Theresians sisters and with no more than forty girls in each course.

Classes were opened on February 12th, 1962, but the blessing of the building did not take place until May 17th, the date that the College was completed. Acted in the ceremony, the first Mr. Dn. Manuel Martín del Campo y Padilla.

"Everything is to the greater honor and glory of Jesus and Mary, Santa Teresa de Jesús, San Jose, San Enrique de Ossó now and forever, amen".


León, Gto. México, Col. La Martinica

School Name:

Jassá Institute A.C.


An Elementary and middle schools attended by religious.


San Sebastián street s/n Col. La Martinica, León, Gto.


The Company of Santa Teresa de Jesús donated the land by Mr. Adolfo Pons and Ms. Consuelo Zepeda de Pons.

Council gave permission for the Foundation:

Rev. M. Superior Ma. Pilar Suárez Inclán, and her Council. 1961.

Date of permission:

October 18th, 1961 the first stone was laid. The classes started on February 12th with an enrollment of 180 girls.

Name of the Mr. Bishop that granted permission:

Mr. Dr. Manuel Martín del Campo y Padilla. Bishop of León, Guanajuato.

Religious who were members of the community founder:

M. Mercedes Fernández and Pilar Tielve, Graciela Ruiz and Refugio Robles.